Dr. Panahpour

I'm a systemic dentist who knows the wellbeing of your mouth is integral to whole body health.

In the world of dentistry, I’m the equivalent of a tech geek. I use the most advanced tools and techniques to ensure that every dental procedure is minimally invasive, mercury-free and beneficial to your overall wellbeing.


Here’s what some of my patients have to say.

Alejandro and his daughter Sienna Talk about why they chose Dr. Panahpour as their family dentist. They are happy he treats the whole body, doesn’t cause them pain, and trust him. 

Destiny explains how she came to Dr. Panahpour and how he helped her regain overall health. She trusts him more than any other dentistry she has had before. 

Alejandro and Genevieve Talk about Safe Mercury Filling Removal With Dr. Camilla Griggers of The Healist. They discuss their decision to remove the mercury amalgam fillings, how their fillings were removed safely and why they chose Dr. Panahpour as their family dentist.

Erik Phillips talks about his epileptic seizures and how his search for solutions beyond taking meds the rest of his life, led him to have his mercury amalgam fillings removed by Dr. Panahpour.

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