I offer systemic standards of practice and minimally-invasive treatment protocols for my patients using biomimetic dental materials.

I am excited to provide a new dentistry for my patients that is oral-systemic and minimally invasive. Please read my book for a complete explanation of my protocols and standards of practice and my beliefs about good dentistry. I prefer air abrasion and ozone therapy to treat cavities rather than the old outdated practice of drilling and filling, which damages tooth integrity and causes recurrent decay. I want each tooth to last a lifetime. I use mercury-free dental materials that are bio-compatible and biomimetic, such as zirconia fillings and caps. I do not believe in root canals because they put patients at risk of chronic infections in the jaw that affect overall health. I also treat infected jaw cavitations from improperly extracted wisdom teeth that never heal. My practices include structural dentistry to assure proper jaw alignment, and I treat the whole person, not just the teeth, because I care about my patients’ overall health.

Diagnostic Evaluations

A full assessment of oral health in relationship to the teeth, body and mind.

Deep Cleanings

A deep cleaning that removes plaque and that incorporates traditional and ultrasonic hand pieces.

Silver-Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal

The safe removal of toxic fillings. Read more about this here.

No Drilling Cavity Treatment

Say goodbye to cavities with ozone therapies, rather than fillings. Read more about this here. 

Root Canal Removal

Prevent and eliminate chronic infections with safe root canal removal. Read more about this here.

Wisdom Tooth and Cavitation Removal

Ensuring careful extractions and healing to prevent focal infections.

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